The time was three weeks ago, and I went to see one of my favorite bands in the world, the Gluey Brothers, at the Launchpad. As always, the boys threw a great show, and to my surprise, before their final song, they called me onto the stage to sing “Donut Quota” (which I did a cover of) with them – which was perhaps one of the most awesome things that’s ever happened to me; I grew up listening to the Gluey Brothers, so being on stage with them, and singing one of my favorite songs, was unlike anything I would have expected.

The Gluey Brothers - Live at Launchpad Jan. 2 2009

Time passed, and then it was time for me to go to NAMM in Anaheim – repping for Koblo, who I work with, and working to score contacts and contracts in the music/virtual instruments industry.

Well, the trip was good – I saw the new version of Ableton Live, saw Alan Parsons play, shook a lot of hands, handed out a lot of business cards, and saw Richard Devine and Jordan Rudess battle in a keyboard showdown:

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