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• To obtain employment in the field of Multi-Media and technology by showcasing skills in Technology and its effect on today’s business world.

Skills Overview:

• Over ten years of Multimedia, business management and promotional experience.

• The Internet is my forte’.  I am a professional Beta Tester with a keen eye for detail and a user’s need for a quality web experience, and for the designer’s need for quality and useful feedback.

• I am skilled in Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix software, hardware, networking, technology and troubleshooting.

• I am a  Customer service professional; nothing is more important than the customer and their experience.

Experience overview:

Owner, Fwank!Productions – Multimedia & Technical support, beta testing, quality assurance, Video, Audio and graphical design and production.

“I’ve only had the opportunity to work with Brian once or twice, but I’m amazed at his energy and commitment to each endeavor he’s a part of. In addition to the well-earned title of the “hardest working man in electronic music” he’s also a very nice person who cares about his various communities. I look forward to the next chance we’ll have to work together.”

- Eric Renz-Whitmore,

Board Member, DFI / Duke City Shootout, October 3, 2008

“Brian worked as sound designer for me, and I always found his work to be professional and very creative. He brought a great attitude and energy to the project.”

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

- Kent Kirkpatrick

Director of Development at Luminaria Films, June 5, 2008

Clients and Reviews

Koblo Audio Software

Work Performed (Janurary 2008-Present)

  • Technical support, web beta testing and user quality assurance, customer service, documentation, business development, video and audio tutorials and presentations.
  • Synthesizer sound design: Vibra2000, Vibra3000, Centaurus synthesizer software plugins.

“Brian is systematic and conscientious, and he has done a great job in maturing our software by performing tests himself and by following up on users’ bug reports. He is also very persistent in that he never allows us software developers to forget (or “forget”) a bug he reported! ;-) I find Brian to be a pleasant personality – though due to the physical distance (Europe <=> US) we have never actually met for that beer!”

Lasse Steen Bohnstedt, Software Developer @ Koblo

KeyToSound Audio Software

Work Performed (March 2007-Present)

  • Technical support, software beta testing, customer service and quality assurance.
  • Documentation, business development.
  • Synthesizer Sound Design: NexSyn software synthesizer.
  • Technical Documentation: Production Pack Software Plugin manual.

“I write this recommendation in fear… fear that you will pay Brian more than me and take him away! Headhunters beware, I will fight to keep him! Now, about Brian. Brian is the soothing voice that pacifies our web forum flamers. He’s the voice of reason behind thousands of solved problems. He can hit the ground running and get things done. I rely on Brian to handle a wide range of responsibilities as our business grows and he hasn’t let me down yet.”

Jason Wolf, KeyToSound

Quadra Health Institute

Work Performed (August 2008-Present)

- Technical, Networking, Software and Hardware computer support.

I have also provided beta testing and Quality Assurance for:

Five12 Software (Numerology music sequencing software)
Cakewalk Audio Software (SONAR DAW software)
For a Full-text Resume and References, please Contact Me Directly.

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