My Services

I provide a number of media services, including, but not limited to:

- Computer and Technical support: I can troubleshoot your Mac, PC, Linux, Unix and other systems and correct problems and issues. I am also available for computer teaching and tutoring. I can provide Networking, Hardware, Software and Troubleshooting for individuals and large scale offices and companies.

- Consulting services; I can analyze your media business and provide you with the real-world input you need to grow your brand and harden your market growth.

- Web Design: (WordPress installs, database management, basic HTML)

- Audio production services, including music post-production for film, Stage, TV, Radio and Internet. I am a composer and performer, and can provide music for your production, no matter what it’s size.  Hear some examples here.

- Video production: I can film, produce and edit your short film, commercial, web presentation or other video productions, upload it to YouTube and other popular video sites, and help you promote with Video. See some examples by clicking here.  I also provide DVD authoring, video capture and archive services.

- Sound design services: I can design sounds for your software synthesizer, stage production (effects, ambient sound and sound for dramatic effect), moving images, web applications and beyond.  Hear some examples here.

- Event Planning and music services: I am available to help you plan, organize and promote your event. I can provide you with talent for almost any event size or type, as well as real-world knowledge of how to put on a successful event.

If you do not see what you need here, please Contact me! I am a swiss army knife to your needs; I will help you get it done!

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